This year’s City-Wide Open Studios is bursting with energy.  Over 200 artists are opening their studio doors — or exhibiting at our Alternative Space.  They’ll also be giving lots of demonstrations and artist talks, too.  We’re also hosting some exciting events, like our Festival Kick-Off on September 24 and the first Underground of the school year!

In keeping with the collaborative spirit of City-Wide Open Studios, we’ve asked a few of our friends to blog about their experiences.  Some are opening their doors, some are coming home, some are cycling through it, and some are exploring all that New Haven’s rich artist community has to offer. Without further ado, allow us to introduce:

Liz Antle is a writer, artist and New Haven native.  She graduated from New York University in 2005 with a degree in English.  Liz has since taught both preschool and kindergarten.  She is currently taking classes at Paier College of Art, making coffee at Koffee?, and substitute teaching.  Liz is primarily a printmaker and has participated in several group shows as well as embarking on a solo exhibition at Creative Arts Workshop in January 2009.  Liz’s studio will be open October 3rd — make sure to check it out!

Matthew J. Feiner is a lifelong artist, a lifelong biker, and the owner/operator of the Devil’s Gear bike shop, now located at 151 Orange Street in the rear of the 360 State building.  He’ll be leading bike tours throughout the weekend of October 2 – 3, beginning at 12:30 pm and leaving from the shop’s new location.

Caitlin Foster is an artist and illustrator currently based in Brooklyn, New York.  She has lived & exhibited her work throughout the country.  Raised in Connecticut, Caitlin has been affiliated with Artspace through the Flatfile program since 2006.

Destiny Palmer is a recent graduate of Massachusetts College Art and Design. She received her BFA in Fine Arts after studying at the Yale/Norfolk Program and traveling to South Africa. We’re happy to welcome Destiny back to Artspace, where she has been a Teen Docent, a Summer Apprentice, and a Youthview Young Curator.  She adds, “Even though I have traveled and studied many places, City-Wide Open Studios in New Haven is the only reason I believed I could do all of those things. It was my first interaction with the contemporary art scene.”

Beth Anne Royer lives in a city, works in a city, and spends a lot of time thinking about why they do & don’t work.  She enjoys contemplating spaces where commerce, surprises, and art can all get along. She writes poetry and short fiction, and works for the City of Bridgeport as a Project Manager (and all-around technology nerd human wonk).  She admires: David Byrne, Jane Jacobs, Keri Smith, Malvina Reynolds, Martin Luther King, Imogen Cunningham, and any number of additional unfamous but dedicated citizens who work to make their towns, cities, and spaces better places to live. At one time or another, she as called all theses places home: Wellsboro, Princeton, Boston, Miami, New Haven, Milford, Olympia, and Providence. One thing she enjoys about having a dog is that when you walk one, people ask you for directions.

Brian Slattery is an editor of the New Haven Review. He also writes novels and plays as much music as he can.Courtesy of Tom Macmillan

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