This weekend, City Wide Open Studios peeks inside private studios all around the greater New Haven area.  It’s always neat to get the opportunity to look at the spaces where artists work, getting a firsthand glimpse into their process and hopefully insight into what they’re thinking about.  I brought my friend Kiki to check out the spaces at 91 Shelton Street in New New Haven this afternoon, really great, spacious studios with amazing views.

I liked this hat sculpture in Philip Lique‘s studio.

some of Lique’s mixed media collages.

and another one of Lique’s pieces on the floor.

Cool Tools

A peek into Laura Marsh‘s sculpture studio

Oops, got distracted by Trina….

We stopped to chat with Perry Obee

Perry paints interior views of his studio

One more of Perry’s pieces

Expose yourself to art

Check out these views!  I’m very jealous of these spaces.  Weren’t there more artists here a few years ago?

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been here, it’s good to see a lot of work going on at 91 Shelton St.  Thanks Kiki for coming with me!

Caitlin Foster is an artist and illustrator currently based in Brooklyn, New York.  She has lived & exhibited her work throughout the country.  Raised in Connecticut, Caitlin has been affiliated with Artspace through the Flatfile program since 2006.

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