In June of 2010, Artspace curator Liza Statton commissioned New York- and Connecticut-based artists Paul Theriault and Siebren Versteeg to create a participatory, site-specific installation in the Lot entitled Particular Heights.

Particular Heights (2010), Paul Theriault and Siebren Versteeg

Particular Heights comprises a swingset, an LED counter, and a web cam.  When the swing reaches a particular height, the LED counter adds a digit, and triggers the web camera to capture an image.  So far, 38602 swings have been recorded, or 344 a day.

The swingset comes down November 30, 2010.  Help us get it to 50,000!  Swing on the swingset before November 30, and text or email a picture of the LED counter to swing (at) artspacenh.org.  One lucky swinger will win a limited edition t-shirt designed by Phil Lique.

50,000 we can do it!

More work by Paul Theriault is currently on view at the Haskins Laboratory as part of Mind Sets, and is featured in the Artspace Flatfile.  Siebren Versteeg is currently exhibiting in DOWNLOAD/DESTROY as part of Arts in Bushwick’s BETA Spaces, and additional work is available through Meulensteen Gallery.

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