Alison Williams‘ practice joins art and gardening, investigating “the potential of art objects and the garden as subject and matter.”  This May, she’ll make a special installation in the Lot, and is currently seeking the following items:

  • big cans (restaurant size cans)
  • coffee cans
  • buckets
  • wood (pieces of wood – treated would last longer but untreated can also work)
  • big milk jugs
  • old plastic toy bins
  • washing up bowl
  • bricks with holes in
  • bricks without holes in them
  • plastic pipes(perhaps left over from a plumbing job)
  • baskets
  • plastic pots
  • big saucepans
  • old sinks or troughs
  • chicken wire
  • wire or twine
  • anything else creative that can hold plants! (the bigger the better)
  • old hoses
  • small stones or broken terra-cotta pots for drainage in containers

To donate these items, please drop by Artspace during the following designated dates and times:

  • Friday, April 15: 12 noon – 6 pm
  • Saturday, April 16: 12 noon – 6 pm

Please note: We like you, and we want your donated items, but unfortunately we’re unable to accept them outside of the above pre-appointed times.

Any additional questions can be forwarded to info@artspacenh.org.


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