Fray, 2012
Graphite, fluid acrylic, and ink on yupo
60 x 55″

Now through January 26th, gigantic works on paper by the artist Alyse Rosner fill Artspace’s Gallery 1. Grounded with a theme of rubbed wood grain, these pieces become built up with sweeping strokes of color and painted lines that stretch and curl in harmony with each other, selectively obscuring and revealing the layers below.

Rosner’s recent works build on references from photography and printmaking but maintain distinct identities through the controlled imperfection of human-made line. These strokes vary from translucent swaths of color and colossal, inky forms to voluptuously draped bands of yellow and white.

The natural element of the wood grain plays a significant role in each work, as the material that produced these rubbings is actually a chemically infused, pressure-treated wood made to withstand the elements. It is captured on polypropylene paper – which, surprisingly, is a “green” material. The inclusion of synthetic, natural, and chemical elements instills this body of work with both personal and global relevance.

Rosner has previously exhibited at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, the Bridge Art Fair in Miami, the Barbara Krakow Gallery, Metaphor Contemporary Art, and the Clark Gallery. For more information on Rosner and her work, please visit www.alyserosner.com.

– Jeremy Wolin

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