A friendly bell chimes every time someone walks into Da Silva Gallery and Frame Shop, owned by collector and curator Gabriel Da Silva in historic Westville Village. Da Silva emigrated from Uruguay to the United States in 1984 and settled in Westville in 1990. He took over The Frame Shop and Westville Gallery in 2002, and has collected artwork from over 100 New Haven artists since, often using City-Wide Open Studios as a way to meet new artists. [read more]

“For a gallerist who’s looking for new dual shows, Open Studios is a well of discovery. At the beginning, I think half of my exhibition were from artists at CWOS.”

While the frame shop’s main room, covered with artwork from floor to ceiling, speaks to Da Silva’s eclectic taste, and long airy gallery to the right represents his care for putting on a show.  Each month, Da Silva mounts a solo or two-person exhibition.

Da Silva also mentions that he has so many pieces in his personal collection at home that he has invented a system for rotating the artwork.  He explinas, “In my home, there is one small room that has ten pieces in it!,” and jokes, “somehow I always finds a way to make more fit.”

On the horizon for Da Silva is the launch of an exciting six-week artist-in-residence program, featuring Uruguayan artist Angeles Martinez.

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