Artspace is pleased to announce the acceptance of eight new artists into the Flatfile, the organization’s acclaimed collection of works on paper: Jan Cunnigham, Katie Jurkiewicz, Jason Noushin, Christopher O’Flaherty, Charmaine Ortiz, Carol Radsprecher, Scott Schuldt and Eben Kling. These artists represent a variety of two-dimensional media, from painting and printmaking to photography and mixed media. Each artist has contributed about eight pieces to the collection.

Jan Cunningham’s Flatfile work is based upon a close reading of her surroundings. By presenting moments of equilibrium and rhythms of disclosure, she strives to startle the careful viewer into seeing her work in a new way.  Katie Jurkiewicz’s works are on the spot interpretations of landscapes experienced first hand.  Her Flatfile works consist of beautiful ink drawings, which pull the viewer in to visually trace the line and form. Eben Kling, the new artist-in-residence at Artspace, believes that “analog” painting continues to be a relevant action in his creative practice. He says that painting remains a compelling mode of static capture and there is a sense of social pathos in his current work. Jason Noushin’s art is stimulated by social-political flux, drawing on current and historical events as source material. He says that his recent work, inspired by talismanic amulets, takes him back to his childhood growing up in Tehran. Christopher O’Flaherty’s semi-autobiographical drawings and prints create a narrative through portrayal of young people in suburbs seeking escapism through parties. These images, influenced by early 20th century expressionism, explore and rethink the male image as a starting point for the artist’s continual development of the theme. Charmaine Ortiz seeks to challenge the capabilities of graphite pencils, which she makes herself. Her work is influenced by motifs of her cultural identity like Saltillo serapes and Mexican-Indian pottery. Her Glitch series is informed by mash ups and datamoshing processes commonly used in video art. Carol Radsprecher combines figurative and abstract so that her work contains an (un)easy combination of two ways to translate feelings, memories and observations into visual images. Her “characters” are usually in conflict and trouble, however visual humor and playfulness are equally important in her work. Scott Schuldt is an interdisciplinary artist whose work spans a wide array of themes, from natural sciences and politics, to history and archeology. His Flatfile works intellectually and emotionally explore the idea of wilderness, environment and mankind’s counterproductive relationship with nature.

The Flatfile was founded by artists for artists as a method of increasing exposure of their work. It has grown to contain works on paper by about 120 artists. Artspace periodically invites guest curators to organize shows from the Flatfile’s collection. You can view the works in the Flatfile by visiting our website, artspacenh.org/collection.asp, or in person by asking for assistance during gallery hours. Artspace is open Wednesdays & Thursday from 12-6pm, Fridays & Saturdays from 12-8pm. The gallery is free and open to the public. All works in the Flatfile are available for purchase; they are an affordable opportunity to own an original piece of art. Purchases benefit the artists and support the mission of Artspace. Gift cards to the Flatfile are also available.

For thirty years, Artspace has been at the forefront of New Haven’s contemporary art scene, championing local artists while also quickening the City’s pulse. Touchstone programs like our Summer Apprenticeship Program for New Haven Public School students, our City-Wide Open Studios festival, and our Flatfile Collection, which brings attention to exceptional works on paper, together provide artists with unparalleled access to audiences, space, resources, and one another. Our programs foster appreciation for the vital role that artists play in improving the community.

Artspace is very grateful to receive exhibition and operating support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, City of New Haven Economic Development Office & Dept of Arts Culture & Tourism, the Connecticut Office of the Arts, the Greater New Haven Community Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Art, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the National Endowment for the Arts, Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Mabel Burchard Fisher Grant Foundation, First Niagara Foundation, New Alliance Foundation, Yale University, local businesses and individual Friends of Artspace.

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