Artspace is excited to announce GAME ON! as the theme for the 19th annual City-Wide Open Studios.  The theme will animate a variety of new and familiar sites throughout the festival, including individual artists’ studios, the grounds of this year’s Alternative Space at the historic Goffe Street Armory, and public spaces in Greater New Haven. One of the largest events of its kind, City-Wide Open Studios invites over 350+ artists to open their doors and exhibit their work in their own studios, at the creative complex Erector Square in Fair Haven, and at the Goffe Street Armory.

Games foster participation and exchange between people.  They are unique in their ability to bring together strangers, distant relatives, best friends and family for extended periods of time. Whether we play with a friend in our living room or stranger in a park, we gain insights into parts of ourselves that do not always find expression when we work.  We rely on instinct, memory, attention to the other, teamwork, strategy, and creativity, to learn the rules and play. We role-play and rub elbows, open to interacting with new senses and people who might surprise or challenge us.

Artspace presents GAME ON! as a way to bring together people from all walks of life, while spotlighting individuals in our community who create spaces and structures for play. These include (1) socially-engaged artists who explore game-playing as a participatory art, (2) visual artists who reference the history of game-playing in traditional art and new media, and (3) team-oriented members of the New Haven community who create a space and place for games, but might not think of themselves as “visual artists” or “artists” per se.  We seek to cultivate all these approaches.

 For GAME ON!, Artspace anticipates funding about 8-9 projects, to take place during the festival, October 7-November 17, 2016.  We invite proposals from artists, designers, coaches, teams, teachers, engineers, etc. Winning proposals will receive an honorarium, materials budget, and staff coordination services to enable them to realize their projects.  We are looking for projects that activate provocative social interactions, recreation, new means of discovery, while also advancing community-building.  This project is contingent on grant funding to be announced in April 2016.

Artists may propose any of a number of frameworks, including interactive games, playable structures, scavenger hunts, role-playing, site-specific games, video games, etc.  They can challenge the stereotypes of “able-bodies”, “mastery”, and “genius”, but must generate friendly competition. Winning proposals should be accessible to individuals of varied backgrounds.

Strong proposals will explain the game and details of how engagement or even mastery might take place.  We encourage you to think about the production that happens around games as well, including fashion (team jerseys, referee apparel), trophies (prizes, medals); ceremony (fight songs, national anthems, parades), stages (open field, bleachers, cement courts, body of water, or theater); and contemporary entertainment (half-time shows), etc. Describe what age group will be best suited for your game.

If your game is electronic or video-based, please describe how participants will learn how to play, and if they must sign up for a time slot/sign up, and how the community-at-large can follow the proceedings. If your game is kinetic or sculptural, please describe the safety measures that you will ensure.

Proposals that envision specific collaborations with New Haven sports or game-playing teams are especially welcome!  Those that involve teams that meet or play near Artspace/Downtown New Haven, Erector Square/Fair Haven, or the Goffe St Armory/DeGale Field in Dixwell will be given preferential consideration.

We also hope to receive proposals, digital, and not, having to do with:

  • A new way to experience visiting artists studios in New Haven and discovering artists during City-Wide Open Studios festival
  • Athletics and experimental approaches to sports
  • The history of New Haven—any facet.
  • The 2016 Presidential Election and electoral politics
  • The use of mobile phones/devices and GPS/location-based experiences (eg flashmobs, treasure hunts)
DeGale Field (Google image)

DeGale Field (Google image)

Goffe St. Armory (google image)

Goffe St. Armory (google image)

Goffe St Armory Drill Hall

Goffe St Armory Drill Hall

Orange St in front of Artspace (New Haven Independent)

Orange St in front of Artspace (New Haven Independent)

Erector Square

Erector Square

For more images of the interior of the Goffe St Armory from City-Wide Open Studios 2015, watch this video. 

You will need to submit:

  1. 150-200 word description of your proposed game, how to play it, and sources of inspiration
  2. Drawing or digital mock up of the game in action
  3. List of collaborators, possible players and community groups, if any, who will play or help.
  4. Budget listing detailed expenses
  5. Bio/CV and up to 16 images or files of relevant work. If this is a team, please include additional creators/contributors and their bios.
  6. List of 3 references who can speak to your capacity to realize the project

There is no cost to apply.

Important Dates:

Deadline to Apply—March 21, 2016
Project Selections Announced May 4th, 2016
Project Development. June 1-September 10, 2016.

Games must be ready for demo/press preview on September 15.

Ready to apply?

Use this link to apply: https://artspacenh.wufoo.com/forms/open-call-game-on/


Contact Audrey Storm, Audrey@artspacenh.org


Download this call as a PDF, here.

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