Artspace Summer Apprenticeship 2016 from Artspace New Haven on Vimeo.


Stages of Kingdom and Exile

with lead artist Wardell Milan

July 5-22, 2016

For New Haven Public High School Students

Do you ever feel like life is a series of performances, or a race for stereotypical perfection?Have you performed a fictitious version of yourself to satisfy the expectations of friends, family and even sometimes strangers?

This program is for anyone who (1) thinks about the ways that identity is constructed in social space, and (2) is open to exploring non-conforming aspects of their identity through art. As a summer apprentice you and other artistic teens will work closely with artist Wardell Milan to produce life- sized Stage Sets that feature imaginary social spaces made up of new and found photographs. Wardell will work with you to take, find, copy, print, cut, and paste the photographs that inspire you into the scenes. Our support staff will help you design and build the life-sized installations using props and raw materials.

You will meet on weekday afternoons for three weeks. Your exhibition will be on view at Artspace from the opening reception on July 22nd through September 10, 2016. Accepted applicants will receive a work stipend to cover the cost of their time, labor, and transportation.

Learn more & apply here.

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