The art portfolio is the single most important component of a student’s application to art school. Tailoring your portfolio for highly competitive art school admission is essential – admission committees use your portfolio to determine if you are suited for their program and award merit scholarships.

Artspace’s portfolio review workshop for students pursuing careers in art will transform your current portfolio into a dynamic body of work that clearly demonstrates your unique strengths and creative potential.

This event is for students and individuals planning to apply to schools in the fall.

In this workshop, participants will receive one-to-one guidance in:

  • curating the portfolio to demonstrate breadth and depth
  • understanding what not to include and why
  • presenting the portfolio on National Portfolio Day
  • creating a stunning digital portfolio
  • presenting your portfolio to an admissions counselor
  • crafting an artist statement
  • making additional work to strengthen the overall portfolio

Additionally, we will answer questions about the application and selection process, the pros and cons of art school vs university degrees, and which schools offer the best programs and resources for specific fields of interest.

Participants should bring all artwork made in the last three years, including sketchbooks, work in progress, design and architecture projects, video, web, installation, and sculpture. (Web, video, and 3D work can be shown on a laptop. Please bring photos, stills, or web links on a flash drive).


Date: June 12, 2016, 1-5pm

(Each student will select a 30 minute slot in that time period)

Cost: $25

Register Here



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